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Helping your business to decode technology and the online world!

Who are we, why are we here!

Welcome, so who are we and why are we here. Well, we are Australian business owners who are giving back to other business owners. We are here providing real content and real actionable items for your business to implement. We believe that all business owners whether small, medium or large should have access to the tools and information that they need to grow. We don't just want you to grow, we want you to be highly successful and achieving your business goals.

On this website, we will be providing regular content such as written articles, videos and audio podcasts and much more. We will be inviting guest speakers and content contributors. Are you a business owner who feels you have content that you could share with the Australian business world. If you can write articles or are prepared to be interviewed on our website we would love to chat with you, learn more about becoming a contributor below. 

We have backed up this website with a Facebook support group and Facebook page that we would love to see you participate in. Contributors to our website will also be available in this group to answer your questions.

Become A Contributor

We are on the lookout for contributors and specialists as well as business owners wanting to share their online and technology stories. We are looking for the following types of contributors:

  • Article & Content Writers: If you feel you can write an article of 1000+ words then we would love to talk. Your articles would be published in our content stream and you get to include links back to your website and your own special offers if you wish. Your article could be a story relating to the topics we discuss on the website, it could be a software review or any other related written content.
  • Video Content: Whether it is a video review, educational content or a tutorial. If your prepared to record a video and have it added to our content stream along with your links and offers we should talk. As well as your video we will make sure it is published along with a full text transcript and audio podcast.
  • Website Sponsors: We are looking for website and podcast sponsors for our content. If you have a business that deals business to business and feels your brand is a good fit with ours then lets talk sponsorship. Our sponsorship packages are great value for money and include video, audio and text advertising as well as promotion across our social media channels.


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