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The Ultimate Website Planning Guide

Welcome to the ultimate website planning guide series. Over the next several weeks we will be releasing a series of articles aimed at planning your next new or rebuilt website. During this series we are going to take you through the process and steps you need to take to get your website plan into place and ready for success.

We will be looking at the following items that combined will develop a full website design and development plan.

The Ultimate Website Planning Guide
The ultimate website planning guide

Defining The Website Audience.

In this section we would be looking at who the audience for your website is. This would take into account a wide range of things such as who you wish to target, why you would want to target them, who are your competitors and much more.

Setting Your Website Goals and Objectives.

This section we would look at what you want to achieve for your website. We will look at going through a goal setting exercise to identify the key objectives. This will be an in depth deep dive where we will put a date and timeframe to those goals.

Research and Concept Development.

This part of the guide will discuss the concept for your website and research the items that will help to develop the project. We will look at competitors websites and other websites that can give you ideas. We will then take the ideas researched and develop them into a concept and brief for your website project.

Website Features and Must Have Items.

This next part will take the brief you developed in the previous section and add technical specifications and requirements to it. We will develop a list of must have website features and requirements before adding to the initial brief. This will get you to the point where we can start getting ready to head to development.

Creating A Budget For Your Project.

During this section we will look at what is needed from a cost perspective. This will help you to get clear on the cost of a website and the components required. This will allow the development of a project budget that is sustainable and affordable.

Developing an innovative website marketing strategy
Developing an innovative website marketing strategy

Develop A Website Marketing Strategy.

By now we will have developed a website brief and are starting to look at how we plan to market the website. We will look at current market options and discuss some of the more common methods. This will assist you to create a strategy for growth. It is important to develop this strategy before you commence development so that your website can be built with your strategy in mind.

Assembling Your Website Content.

This is the most important part of commencing development. Your website content is critical to your success and it needs to be crafted just right. This section will look at how we can create and gather the content needed. Discussion on packaging your content and delivering the final content to the developer.

Launching A Website The Right Way.

Finally we will look at what options we have for launching the website. We can assist you to plan a launch event, and work out how to make the most of your existing clients.


Once we complete this series you will have a working website design brief, all of your content organised and be ready to start development. By completing these items you will be at a massive advantage over the average person getting a website built. By having all of your website planned prior to seeing a developer you could save huge amounts of money on the cost of your website. You could also cut overall development time for your project drastically. So stick with us next week when we look at the next part of the series defining your website audience.

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