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WordCamp Brisbane 2018 – Our Experience

Ok something a little different this week as we wanted to share our experience at WordCamp Brisbane 2018. So many of you are thinking what is WordCamp, Well, just like like the comic fans have Comic Con, WordPress users have WordCamp. WordCamp Brisbane 2018 like previous years is a community event. This event brings together website designers, developers and agencies as well as end users under one roof for 2 days of education speakers and content.

This years WordCamp took place at QUT – Gardens Point Campus and was the first WordCamp we had attended. Upon arrival we were greeted with a check-in desk to get our name badges and some great free WordCamp swag. Shortly after whilst discussing the tasty coffee that was included with our tickets several sponsors turned up to hand out some more great free things as well as to answer our questions.

Shortly after we had the welcome to WordCamp Brisbane 2018 session. During this introduction we learned about the general history of WordCamp and what to expect over the next two days. From here things get a bit more difficult as there are two tracks you can take and you are free to move from one to another backwards and forwards.

In the first session we learnt a bit about using WordPress to generate a static website and how that can be beneficial when it comes to page load times etc. This was a good talk and I enjoyed listening to it. From this session we moved on to "How to make the most of your WordCamp experience" with our good friend Sally Eberhardt (Author of Pain Free Networking For Introverts). Sally's presentation took her experience at networking (the people kind) and gave event attendee's tips for getting more out of the event.

Sally Eberhardt presenting up a storm at WordCamp Brisbane 2018
Sally Eberhardt presenting up a storm at WordCamp Brisbane 2018

After Morning tea on day 1 we headed off to hear "10 ways you can improve your website copy to drive more conversions" with Kate Toon. This talk covered a lot of great tips about website and online content generation and it was good to see the crowd response.

Gutenberg editor and WordPress 5.0 panel was next and we got a great look at the base features of the new editor and how it will work when it is shortly released into the wild. There were many excited sounds coming from the crowd and also a lot of skepticism and cries of it not being fully ready to release. Overall a lot of the concerns were around whether this would break existing sites and the general consensus is that it would not. However keep in mind that nobody fully knows how the editor will work with your specific website setup or plugins. It is best to check for compatibility before upgrading or get a professional to help you transition.

WordCamp Brisbane 2018
WordCamp Brisbane 2018

After lunch on day 1 we dropped by another couple of presentations on "your first 12 plugins" and another on "Zero to website: from planning to launch in 9 steps" Both of these were great subjects and well presented.

Final session for day 1 and for us one of the highlights of WordCamp Brisbane 2018 was the presentation by Tony Cosentino about using WordPress as a Podcasting platform. The topic covered was just what we had been looking for and by about 10 minutes in I was wanting to race out the door. I was so motivated to get out there and do some podcasting of my own. (I didn't race out the door though) When we got home that night we registered a new domain and our new podcast will be kicking off in the next few weeks.

Day 2 saw a new round of speakers and presentations and whilst we didn't stay for the full day we thoroughly enjoyed the presentations we did get to. The long and short of it is this, if your looking for a community of like minded people and business owners then the Brisbane WordPress community is one of them. So many friendly people willing to sit and chat about our favourite website CMS. Why not look at what something like this can do for your business and you and keep an eye out for WordCamp 2019. If your reading this from another state or even another country jump onto the WordCamp Central website and look for an event near you.

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