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Are WordPress websites secure? Questions answered.

Are WordPress websites secure is a question we get asked frequently. In the most point the answer really is No! In saying that though every website and piece of technology is vulnerable. Websites are difficult to protect however not impossible. In this article we will discuss some of the ways you can keep your WordPress websites secure.

Are WordPress Websites Secure? Lets take a look.
Are WordPress Websites Secure? Lets take a look.

Install Security Software

Your WordPress websites secure only if you make it that way. A default WordPress website install is not very secure and as such the first step is too install a security plugin into your site. There are a few key players in the WordPress security plugin game and they are listed below.

  • Wordfence Security – is a great website security plugin that will help protect your website from hackers and more. Configuring the plugin is fairly straight forward however requires some knowledge. Simply turning on the plugin will help a bit but configuring it properly will protect your site much better. The plugin does have a step by step help system built in to help with configuration. Wordfence does have a free version however purchasing a premium key will give you far superior overall protection. Learn more about Wordfence by visiting their website.
  • Sucuri – is another great website security plugin that will help protect your website from hackers. The free version of the plugin works well to provide essential security protection however to get the most out of it you will need to to go premium. The plugin itself will work to protect your website which is great but the free version is missing the full Web Application Firewall needed to fully protect the site. Learn more about Sucuri by visiting their website.
Backup Your Website Regularly Your WordPress Websites Secure
Backup Your Website Regularly Your WordPress Websites Secure.

Regular Backup Of Your Website

Along with the installation of security plugins it is important to remember to make regular backups of your website. A regular backup will provide peace of mind that your website is safe in the event of the unexpected. Backups can be restored to bring your website back to life after a hack attempt or any other catastrophic failure. There are a few great plugins we suggest using for website backup and we have listed those below.

  • Duplicator – This great program will run a full backup of your WordPress website including database. This will allow you to restore the website and database to a new server or to restore a website back to the server. Please note these backups will not protect things like email accounts just the main website. Learn more about Duplicator by visiting their website.
  • UpdraftPlus – Another great program that will run backups of your website and store them securely on third party storage. As with Duplicator you can use this plugin to make secure backups of your website for restoration in the event of catastrophic failure. Learn more about UpdraftPlus by visiting their website.
Regular Maintenance & Support Makes WordPress websites secure.
Regular Maintenance & Support Makes WordPress websites secure.

Regular Maintenance & Care Plans

The final major part in protecting your website is performing regular maintenance or investing in a care plan. You can perform regular maintenance to some extent on your own website. It is recommended however that you let a professional handle your updates as it is only a matter of time before something will eventually break.

WordPress websites are regularly updated by the plugin and platform developers. These updates are important for securing your websites against software bugs and hackers. If you are going to DIY your WordPress updates then you will need to update the WordPress core, WordPress theme and plugins. We recommend checking your website for updates weekly at the least.

Another option is to hire a professional website design and development team to assist you with these updates. Often these business will offer some kind of WordPress maintenance or care plan. The inclusions will vary from business to business simply look for the plan that best suits your needs.

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